The Small Business Challenge

The global economy is changing. Small businesses everywhere are facing increasing challenges by larger corporations that benefit from giant economies of scale and lower production costs. Small businesses have been increasingly struggling since the onset of the internet and online shopping. At the same time, our world is getting more complex and uncertain, demanding more knowledge and skills on the part of independent entrepreneurs. In Canada there is a trend toward fewer entrepreneurs attempting to start and run businesses, especially since the pandemic.


Our Vision

Wayfinders is to provide our members a small business ecosystem environment that can provide a collaborative and competitive economy of scale. We will offer a variety of integrated support services to help members manage their businesses and community-based organizations in their own local economies. Services are provided in a few ways: 1) networking; 2) sharing best practices (Mastermind groups); 3) long-term business-to-business (B2B) transactions among members; 4) software-as-a-service (SaaS) in a cloud; 5) bulk purchasing of business supplies and equipment; and 6) direct user support. Future services may address any identified business requirements that make a good business case. Members will use our shared resources to optimize the value they offer their customers while earning appropriate returns.

“Together we are each stronger”

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Community Building

Use live and local facilitation services based on best practices with engaging subject matters. Network with local members on any subject of shared interest. We build a community of trust and respect by meeting face to face.



Business Management Tools

Access a suite of online tools for management support, such as management training, mentoring, business analysis, planning, forecasting, data analytics, decision support, business match-making, collaboration, project management and more.



Educational Resources

A program for local meeting management will be provided, including instructional material on how to set up, promote, manage and maintain a live local forum. We list other business resources in the local, regional and national business ecosystems.



Business Marketing

In a community of trust and respect we help find and build long term relationships among members. This reduces transaction costs, such as searching for new customers and suppliers. We provide standard agreements and can mediate conflicts as needed.


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Benefits of Membership

As a co-operative, Wayfinders exists to provide the best available range of services to members at an affordable cost. It is not to maximize shareholder profits, your own company will make profit instead.

  • Focus on what you do best – the core value your customers appreciate
  • Access easy and affordable productivity software on demand in a cloud
  • Tap into crowd-sourcing methods to find suppliers, resources, partners and solutions
  • Engage a trusted, diverse and inclusive community both online and in person
  • Improve your productivity and profits while reducing wasted time and distractions
  • Vote for the co-op board of directors and policies that best represent your interests
  • Learn, produce, participate, collaborate, innovate and celebrate!

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What Our Members and Friends Say

“Wayfinders is life-affirming, all-inclusive endeavor. At its core, serves communities and individuals by placing people at the centre of its technology, while contributing to the growing tapestry of new and emerging IT business in Edmonton.”
Yvonne Chiu, Executive Director, Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative

“Kindness and generosity is fundamental to the company culture of collaborative and cooperative team work, while respecting all and embracing everyone with the sense of belonging.”
Ahmad Sabetghadam, PhD. University of Alberta

In an economy driven by knowledge and networks, businesses that collaborate will survive and thrive. Yet, this process of collaboration takes time and effort. Wayfinders solves that problem. By linking and leveraging the assets across small businesses, Wayfinders provides a path forward for its members. It’s the best example I’ve seen of the type of co-op that every community and region needs.”

Ed Morrison, Consultant, Trainer

Director, Agile Strategy Lab, University of North Alabama

Author, Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership

This is one of the things we do best!

Wayfinders Business Co-operative is a member-based organization to support small and medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, managers, self-employed professionals and non-profit organizations. Each member owns one voting share of the company and has access to a variety of support services.

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