Wayfinders Business Co-operative ("The Co-op")


I am submitting this application to become a member of the Wayfinders Business Co-operative. This application includes my request to acquire one membership share, which comes at a total cost of $100.00. I am aware that membership approval is contingent upon the Board’s decision regarding this application.

Upon my acceptance as a member, I understand that I will have access to Wayfinders’ basic services and that I am eligible to vote at general membership meetings, including voting for board members. I also commit to abiding by the Co-operative’s by-laws and policies, subject to any amendments made from time to time. I acknowledge and consent to the Co-operative’s right to assert a lien on any equity I hold within the Co-operative, encompassing my share and any funds stemming from any debts I owe to the Co-operative.

Should my application be approved, I understand that I will be required to pay a total of $150.00 CDN, which covers the first-year user fee of $50.00. If applying as a business entity you can add staff, volunteers, or board members to utilize our services for an additional $50.00 annual user fee each.

Submit completed application

Approximately 5 days after receipt, you will be advised of your new Co-op number which can be used immediately.

Following the next Board of Directors' or Membership Committee meeting, (when your membership application is approved) you will receive your membership notice.

Edmonton, Alberta

For information or assistance, call 780-993-2467.

Member Selection

In order to provide a positive community experience for all our members, Wayfinders prefers members who agree to the following:

1. Alignment with Co-operative Values:
   – Prospective members should demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to the cooperative principles, including democratic control, member economic participation, and concern for the community.

2. Business Compatibility:
   – The nature of the prospective member’s business should align with our objectives and target industries. Members should contribute positively to our ecosystem and be willing to collaborate with other members.

3. Ethical Conduct:
   – Prospective members should have a track record of ethical conduct and integrity in their business practices. They should not engage in activities that could harm our reputation or values.

4. Contribution to the Community:
   – Prospective members should demonstrate a commitment to contributing positively to the local community and supporting our social impact initiatives, if applicable.

5. Financial Commitment:
   – Prospective members should be willing and able to pay the required membership fees and any associated costs, as outlined in our by-laws and policies.

6. Capacity for Participation:
   – Prospective members should have the capacity to actively participate in our activities, meetings, and decision-making processes. This includes attending, either online or in-person, general membership meetings, volunteering for committees, and contributing to our initiatives.

7. Legal Compliance:
   – Prospective members should comply with all relevant laws and regulations applicable to their business operations, including licensing or certification requirements.

8. Board Approval:
   – Final acceptance of new members may be subject to approval by the Board of Directors or Membership Committee, in accordance with established procedures and criteria.

We believe that these acceptance criteria will help us maintain the integrity and cohesion of our cooperative community while welcoming new members who share our values and vision for the future.


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