Wayfinders Business Co-operative ("The Co-op")


I hereby apply for membership in the Co-op including one membership share for a total price of $100.00 and request that you allot that to me. I understand that I will become a member only after Board approval of this membership application. Upon becoming a member, I agree to be bound by the by-laws and policies of the Co-op, as amended from time to time. I agree that the Co-op shall have a lien on the equity which I may have at any time in the Co-op, including my share and all funds arising for any monies at any time owing by me to the Co-op. If approved you will beAsked to pay $150.00 CDN which includes the first year user fee of $50.


Submit completed application

Approximately 5 days after receipt, you will be advised of your new Co-op number which can be used immediately.

Following the next monthly Board of Directors' meeting, (when your membership application is approved by the Board of Directors) you will receive your membership card.

Edmonton, Alberta

For information or assistance, call 780-993-2467.